In this post we will take a look at the benefits of almond oil for hair. Almond oil comes in two varieties, sweet and bitter. Sweet almond oil is produced by extracting the oil from the seeds of the sweet almond and is the only oil suitable for consumption and external use on the skin. Bitter almond oil contains the poison cyanide and is highly toxic so please avoid it! All references to almond oil for hair in this post relate to sweet almond oil.

almond oil for hairAlmond oil is packed full of vitamins and nutrients which are beneficial to hair. It has a high vitamin E content that acts as a conditioner for hair by smoothing the cuticles and giving it a healthy shine. It also contains polyunsaturated and mono fatty acids and an assortment of vitamins, including vitamin A, B & D.

These vitamins play a vital role in the benefits of using almond oil for hair. They encourage hair growth; enable new hair to be stronger and less prone to breakage. One of the best ways to use almond oil for hair is to massage a teaspoon sized amount into the scalp.

It is then recommended to soak a towel in hot water and wrap this around your head to aid absorption of the oil into the scalp. This can help to ease a dry and itchy scalp and reduce dandruff. Massaging almond oil into the scalp also improves the circulation, which can result in improved hair growth.


Many people have found that using almond oil for hair has been more helpful than buying expensive conditioning products, which are often full of chemicals. The light texture of almond oil means that it soaks into hair quickly and can aid in repairing damaged hair.


  1. It nourishes and strengthens hair
  2. It gives a healthy shine by smoothing the cuticles
  3. It helps the hair to repair itself and to grow back stronger
  4. It can slow down hair loss and stimulate new hair growth
  5. It can help to calm an itchy or irritated scalp and clear dandruff.

Almond oil is a fantastic product that will help to keep your hair healthy and strong. Have you tried almond oil for hair before?

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