Matcha Green Tea has been around for a very long time, beginning life as part of Japanese tea ceremonies.  However, it is only more recently that the many and varied health benefits of matcha green tea have been discovered by a wider audience.

Matcha green tea is harvested and produced differently to other teas and this, in itself, is what sets it apart from any other tea.  This is both in terms of its appearance (a finely ground, bright green powder) and its extremely powerful contents.  We have been drinking Matcha green tea every day for the past year and can attest to its amazing and potent health benefits.


Bursting with cancer-fighting antioxidants

One of the key benefits of Matcha green tea is its high level of antioxidants.  There is a scale known as ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbence Capacity), which is used to measure the level of antioxidants and thus gives a way to compare the antioxidant value of different foods.  Matcha green tea has an ORAC rating of over 1300 units, the highest possible of any food substance and totally unparalleled.  Matcha green tea contains a cancer-fighting antioxidant known as EGCg (epigallocatechin gallate).  This supports the body in neutralising the damaging effects of free radicals from pollution, UV rays and chemicals.

Enhances Mood and Aids concentration

This is one of the benefits of Matcha green tea that is immediately noticeable as soon as you begin to drink it.  I was astonished by how quickly I felt an obvious improvement to my memory and concentration.  It is all due the presence of an amino acid called L-Theanine.  This incredible ingredient promotes alpha brain waves, which induce a state of relaxed attentiveness.  It explains why traditionally Monks drank Matcha green tea before periods of prayer and meditation.  All teas contain Theanine, but Matcha green tea contains 5 times more than other teas.  Another excellent benefit of Matcha green tea is that L-Theanine increases dopamine levels, which results in increased memory and concentration.

Natural detoxifier

Another extraordinary benefit of Matcha green tea is that it has powerful detoxification properties.  This is due to the chlorophyll contained in the leaves, the element that gives Matcha green tea its distinctive colour.  Drinking Matcha green tea helps to cleanse the body of harmful elements, including heavy metals and chemical toxins.

Boosts metabolism and burns fat

Another remarkable side effect of drinking Matcha green tea is that does not raise your heart rate or blood pressure.  It contains virtually no calories and enhances metabolism, which actually results in burning fat.  It is therefore a great addition to anyone looking to lose weight or just keep in shape.

Protects teeth & keeps breath fresh

On top of all the benefits of matcha green teaother benefits of Matcha green tea, this is another wonderful added bonus.  Catechin (an amino acid) has dedicated antibacterial properties which are two-fold.  They help to protect your tooth enamel and also counteract the effects of germs and bacteria to improve bad breath.

One last point to note is that the reason that Matcha green tea is so powerful is that you actually consume the whole leaf and therefore the goodness contained within, rather than just brewed water, which is the case with other green teas.

If you already drink Matcha green tea, please leave us a comment below as we would love to hear about your experience of how it makes you feel.

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