Have you ever wondered what is shampoo? Shampoo is essentially a liquid based cleaning agent that is massaged into wet hair to create a soapy lather.  The massaging of shampoo into a soapy lather allows oil and dirt from the hair and scalp to be removed when the hair is then rinsed clean.

what is shampooThere are literally thousands of different shampoos on the market, so choosing the right one for you can get incredibly confusing!  Shampoos tend to fall into 3 main categories.  Fine, normal, oily.

With so many different shampoos available on the market, all containing different ingredients, how do you know what is actually in your shampoo?

Do you know exactly what is in your skin care products, your makeup or any of your cosmetics?

It is not just the quality of what we eat that can affect our health – it can also be the quality of what we put on our skin and expose our bodies to on a daily basis.


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